COSI visits North Elementary

COSI visits North Elementary

Through partnership with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio and the Cambridge Alumni and Friends Education Fund, students of North Elementary School welcomed COSI on Wheels into their school Jan. 22 for hands-on science exploration, participating in the What’s Wild program.

“We were so excited and appreciative to have this opportunity for our students,” said Principal Heath Hayes.

COSI on Wheels, a traveling outreach program of the COSI Columbus Science Center, engages students in a dynamic opening assembly and interactive science activities aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and the National Science Education Standards.

Students became field biologists and were introduced to Ohio’s natural habitats and animals, learning how to protect and enjoy them. Students also got the chance to touch real coyote and black bear furs, used microscopes to view insects and experienced a bird hunt. Additional hands-on activities enhanced problem solving and science inquiry skills, encouraging teamwork throughout the science experience.

“The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) is fortunate to have partners who realize educational opportunity is vital to educational success,” said FAO President and CEO Cara Dingus Brook. “By bringing COSI on Wheels into our region’s schools, FAO is helping educators access resources and partners to ensure every child in Appalachia has access to the educational opportunity needed for success.”

As a regional community foundation serving the 32 counties of Appalachian Ohio, the FAO works to ensure growing up in Appalachian Ohio means having access to opportunity. By working with a variety of partners, including Cambridge Alumni and Friends Education Fund, FAO is making sure Appalachian Ohio has the funding necessary to make our goal a reality.

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio partnered with the Cambridge Alumni and Friends Educational Fund to provide the COSI on Wheels visit to North Elementary School. The Cambridge Alumni and Friends Education Fund is a vehicle for alumni, friends and supporters of academic excellence to provide a contribution outside traditional funding sources to enrich and enhance the educational experience of students in the Cambridge City School District.

Reportedly, Investigating Energy will be at South Elementary on Feb. 23, and What’s Wild will be at Central Elementary on April 27.

“We are delighted to demonstrate to the community our sincere intent in creating permanent resources for the increase of educational opportunities of the Cambridge School System,” said Maribeth Wright, FAO trustee and founding member of the Cambridge Educational Fund.

To learn more about the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, Cambridge Alumni and Friends Education Fund and COSI, or to find out how you can partner with the Foundation to increase access to educational opportunity, either go online to or call FAO at (740) 753-1111.