Welcome to the Guernsey County Foundation

Helping create charitable funds for Guernsey County through the Power of One.

The Guernsey County Foundation was established in 1988 (originally the Cambridge Foundation) by community leaders to make a direct and lasting impact for Guernsey County. Today, with more than $11.6 million dollars in funds serving the community, The Guernsey County Foundation is an additional avenue of support for residents to give locally, ensuring lasting and flexible resources benefit the citizens and communities of Guernsey County.

Community funds under the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio’s umbrella like the Guernsey County Foundation are advanced by community leaders who are working to develop and deploy philanthropic resources to advance local opportunities and solve local challenges. FAO’s staff serves as back-office support for these local, volunteer driven foundations.

You can make a charitable donation to any of the Funds through an affiliate website.


The foundation began as The Cambridge Foundation in 1988 .

When individuals combine their time, talent and resources, and then focus on a single goal, you see the Power of One. That defines the purpose of The Guernsey County Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our community, both now and for generations to come. Seeking to build a relationship with an organization within your region, the Foundation trustees have now affiliated with The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio and has revised the organization’s name to better reflect the scope of its efforts. The Guernsey County community now can focus on raising funds and determining how to distribute money in a manner that will most benefit the area, while the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio handles the administrative duties, investments and IRS requirements.